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…so one Sunday…in Richards Bay, we were having breakfast at the Waterfront and contemplating what to do with the rest of our day.

We put this question out on facebook and a short while after, we were invited by our friend Michael Rosati, to come visit him in his hometown for a Zinkwasi Beach day…

Obviously we hopped on our bike and took the road towards Durban as Zinkwasi is half way there. Our besties, Christo and Megan also came from Durban to meet up with all of us.

Zinkwasi is just off the N2 freeway and about 25 minutes drive from King Shaka International Airport. It is a holiday village with many leisure attractions. Zinkwasi in Zulu means ‘white-headed fish eagle’. It is a historic town and has developed slowly over the years. Many of the families who lived here in the 1900s, still own property in the area today.

It is also known for some amazing archaeological discoveries. In 1922, the remains of ‘Strandlopers’ were found on the lagoon site of a Mr Balcomb and also in 1958.

The Strandlopers were nomadic and frequented this area due to the natural sweet water springs near the lagoon mouth. Here they would stop to rest and re-provision.

Today at Lot 47, just off Nkwazi Drive, there is still a spring which flows freely into the sea.

Zinkwasi is also part of the Zululand Birding Route and no wonder as the freshwater lagoon offers a home to a vast range of birdlife.

Indigenous forests also provide the best walking and fishing trails.

Around seven kilometres of lagoon supports huge populations of fish, prawns and crabs and can be navigated by small craft. The Deep Sea Angling Club launches boats and jetski’s into the lagoon and sea.

I had the best swim in the warm seawater and it just feels safer when you know that the beaches at Zinkwasi are sharknetted. After baking in the sun, we went for a beer at the pub on the beach and had the best pizza.

Surfing, snorkelling and crayfishing are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

There are some beautiful eco-trails – one of these – the John Ross Trail stretching around 60 kilometres between the Nonoti and Amatikulu Rivers.

More to do includes, lagoon cruises, paddling, cycling, fly-fishing, a night drive or a bush picnic.

The more historic tours visits rural Zulu communities, several historical and cultural sites.

We really enjoyed our beach day…and felt gratitude…superblessed!

Zinkwasi - lovely beach day...
Zinkwasi – lovely beach day…


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