About us…

We would like to share our journey with you… leaving a legacy…and the wish that my children or grandchildren would hopefully want to continue…being very sick in 2016, I realized that it is most important for me to; ‘Get into the flow and know how superblessed I am‘!

Air Ballooning in Turkey...
Air Ballooning in Turkey…

We were based in Sedgefield, Garden Route for more than 20 years, because it feels like living in Paradise.  We have been considered rich and we have been considered poor.  (Read my book for more on this…details at the bottom of this page.)

While considered poor, we build our own home…which we use to rent out for holidays and short stays…but rented out permanently at this point in time…

After our own building with Nutec and B’s history as a builder, we started a business in building homes for others in Sedgefield.  We love working together and as my business was property, I sold a piece of vacant land to a buyer who wanted Bethesda to build their home after which I made some more moola when he asked me to help with his interior decorating (also one of my passions).  Now there are many homes in Sedgefield build by my husband.

Contact Bethesda alias ‘Bob the Builder’ for any construction of homes  0823060653.  Recently B completed a course for building log homes with Roy Trembath.

We are superblessed in that we travel a lot as Bethesda has been doing civil construction for the last eleven years all around our country and we are very willing to do projects overseas.

This contract work suits our lifestyle perfectly as we love travelling.

Bethesda’s phone number is 0823060653

Always in the market for new projects.

Most often than not, we are superblessed to do with our time what our heart desires.

This mostly means…more travelling, which is how the articles from The Naked Barista  are written.  Recently I have a new category My Fabulous Friendsa love project for me…connecting my friends with each other.

We are super blessed with two amazingly beautiful adult children.

Maryna, our daughter, who blessed us with two grand children, grandson, Maddox and granddaughter, Alexia

and I have my own product range: – perfume, beard oil, face serum and ‘Lekkeslaap’ named after her which can be purchased either by contacting me 0825706304 or at:

 Voorhuis, Magaliesburg

Pure India, Knysna

Karoo Moon, Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town

Rene Marais, 079 304 1566 Cape Town

Hair Affairs, George

Venus Ear Restaurant, Sedgefield

Juan, our son who is a certified Sea Captain, but love woodworking and permaculture, so he mix it up in life, check him out at www.naturaldesignSA.wordpress.com

And with our children being busy with life, we are pretty much free to do what we want…

We love road trips on our motorbike…

We love dancing and visit music festivals as often as we can…even when in Turkey, we were blessed to dance with some friends at Tree of Life

I started dabbling with Angel Cards around six years ago and found my ‘Gift’ as I have also been offering Angel Card Readings and have quite a few awesome client beings… I have had the honour of being called a ‘soulgrower’ and just love to be a part of some beautiful soul’s journey…


I am a student of the feet, Reflexology…another passion… but, as I cannot claim enough knowledge as yet, I named my treatment…Pediblessiology.

Book a treatment with

me and discover

your amazing feet…

I have written and published a book in 2010

“Bury the Past, Unlock the Future”IMG-20141113-WA0011

and I am busy with the sequel “Open Doors” 

So, never a dull moment…

and by sharing our life, we create a transparency of life, a window into living life to the full, inclusive with all its ups and downs…

Living our best life and being Superblessed!

Gratitude for sharing our beautiful life!