Trance…how did it happen?

Queen of Hearts…                                     15 October 2016

I have felt like sharing our experience for a while now…

…how we as very conservative humans got into ‘trance’ and this ‘new age’ of living I suppose…

(Cannot believe I just used the words ‘new age’…as it was a definite taboo to even utter these words about seven years ago)…  I have hyperlinked the word ‘new age’ to one site only, but there are so many diverse opinions on what it means.  As for myself just the mere fact that I can mention the words without feeling that I am going to hell and not subjecting myself to being just a ‘this’ or a ‘that’ in religion, is absolutely freeing.

…and what a journey it has been…

This morning seems to be ‘D-day’ to share as my ‘memories’ on facebook suggests that it started six years ago in 2010. Also I am still in bed in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth  overlooking the wide expanse of ocean.

img-20160928-wa0020The weather has changed to overcast. This makes for perfect writing weather while staying in bed as I can call it “work” being a writer.

B and our friend Joe has left to work on site, building a very big cell phone tower. We are nearly finished with this project and probably going home early next week.

…So, in 2010 we were encouraged by our awesome friends Christo and his brother Joe (same one who is working with B now) to join them at “Rocking the Daisies”.  Yes, this is a rock festival and yes this is where we started our ‘trance’ journey.

fb_img_1476425216531Our son, Juan, was only 16 then and joined us, me being aware of this, as we were very conservative church going Christians and even facilitators of courses on how to live ‘a righteous life’. Our children were both in the ‘ACE schooling system’ (Accelerated Christian Education)…so when I say ‘very’ conservative, I mean very conservative.

To be together at such an amazing event with our awesome friends, was afb_img_1476530276138 lovely experience for all of us and we revelled at the talented bands and basked in the glory of such a festive atmosphere.


We were camping with many colourful friends and for the first time ever saw ‘magic mushrooms’

fb_img_1476530263305I was very cautious, but also curious and felt that we were in a safe environment to experiment. I was excited to try something new and had the tiniest piece.  It was so small that it disappeared into the hole in my wisdom tooth…

…please keep in mind that both B and myself never had a ‘teenager’ life of partying.

I started working at age fifteen every weekend and school holidays. Age 17, I even started working at the Rotary Club on Wednesday evenings and for the Lions Club on Sundays at the Woodbridge Island gholf course.

Thus no partying as a teenager…

Then I got married and had my beautiful children. Together with this, worked hard at being the best businesswoman and mother.

B went to varsity, but had a steady girlfriend. At age 21, he fell in love and married me.  Together with this he took on the package deal with kids and so we were always very responsible…

So in 2010 with a bit of magic in my tooth and much less responsibilities, we explored ‘Rocking the Daisies’…

Soon we saw a stunning huge white tent where strange beats were beckoning us to enter. It sounded weird to say the least, but we were absolutely intrigued.

We went inside and this is where our ‘trance journey’ began…at a rock festival…

I cannot say that I fell instantly in love with the weird sounds of electronic music, but the way the beats attacked my heart, made me feel truly alive. B and I definitely felt the same, as we could not stop gesturing to each other and marvelling at this phenomena.

On hindsight, I thought that it could have had something to do with the mushrooms…but it just kept on happening every time we encountered trance beats.

Joe and I had a discussion recently and we realised that these beats of trance would be the very first sound we hear when we are a fetus in the womb. No wonder that we recognise the beating of our own hearts when we encounter these beats.

It makes you want to wake up to your own heartbeat…

 Well, the journey was obviously not an easy one as in the conservative culture that we created our life, we were considered condemned souls.

There is no easy way to say this and I do not mean to criticize church goers, but in my opinion, I have never experienced so much unconditional love and acceptance as I have in the trance culture.  This being said, keep in mind that we are all on our own journey and if the church works for you where you are…be super blessed.

After 2010 Rocking the Daisies, we were invited to attend our first Vortex, off course, also by our friend Christo.

I remember that one of my first thoughts at Vortex was that I have never seen so many beautiful people together and still today I am amazed at every festival how many of the most beautiful people gather to just enjoy being.

At that point, Christo had been in the ‘trance scene’ for a while and trying to share with everyone he met the amazing experience of it all.  Gratitude for his persistence.

His Parents, Johan and Annemarie Moller were very worried of this and tried their very best to convince him to stop mingling with the ‘wrong’ people.

Eventually, he convinced them that he would accept their judgement only after they attended one of these festivals.

So, in 2014 they asked us to help them with purchasing their tickets to Vortex. They wanted it to be a surprise for Christo and Joe…and it really was.fb_img_1476522514425

And so their journey with trance began… (seeds of change) more than 15000 people have read this link…


I do not know if they are ‘the oldest’ (definitely not in stamina) couple in the trance culture, but I do know that with their shared knowledge everyone they meet are enriched. They bless us with their teachings and inspiration and have celebrity status…fb_img_1476522501493

They currently have 2 343 facebook friends…

I can just say that we have found a wealth of intelligence, acceptance and inspiration amongst the beings that loves trance.

There are so many of these souls that I have come to love and admire, but I want to mention one of my favourite and more mature (only in years) dj’s, Kalahari Kris .  Not only a dj, but also a farmer who has been on Carte Blanche recently with the Brucellosis Threat.

And mentioning Carte Blanche, our Princess friend, Dana comes to mind as she was also featured on Carte Blanche as a Tarot Card Reader.

After six years I do believe it is safe to say that I have had the honour to meet the most amazing souls and I have much more of an awareness of living my own best life.

I feel absolutely superblessed and loved  as our website suggests.

We were warned that the ‘trance’ scene is filthy with drugs and we would fall into this trap. We were very innocent and yes I have to admit that I was kinda scared of this happening.

In my opinion I have seen more drugs outside of the trance scene than amongst. If you want to get addicted to anything, it is always your own decision.  You can even legally get a prescription from our present day Doctors not only for our adults, but especially for our children.

I can safely say that I am definitely not a drug addict…in fact I am not addicted to anything, not even smoking or alcohol (which I do believe is the greatest drugs there is) and ironically it is socially accepted…boggles my mind.

If I am addicted to anything…maybe love…yes, love…which I receive so much of anyway…

We have found a wealth beyond measure of treasured souls that we can call friends.

I have learned so much from all ages and I am open to receive everything that this life wants for me.


After six years of this new journey, we have never felt more alive or better equipped to be in charge of our own lives, or at peace with the ‘not being in charge’ of everything.  This journey has taken us into overdrive in our thinking and feeling of life.  The experiences we have had in the last six years has been a blessed awakening.

We have met the most beautiful of souls and we are superblessed to call them ‘friends’.

Words cannot begin to describe our experience…the feeling when we arrive at a festival, meeting up once again with like minded beings just to let go…if even only just for a little while… of all the stress of preconceived ideas we were taught and to find your own heartbeat once again with the tribal beats…as our forefathers would have.

…Just to be…

I invite you to join us only once…

…maybe at Vortex this year…


you would be superblessed if you did…



















Sharing my life so openly is my legacy and symbol of gratitude and love.