Richards Bay…


The Naked Barista…              May/June 2015

 Richards Bay


What can we say about Richards Bay

Well, it is South Africa’s largest harbour and it is the gateway to Zululand.

Being one of the closest seaside towns to Gauteng, it is rapidly growing in popularity as a north coast vacation destination. It also provides amazing beaches and enjoys a warm climate year round. This town not only provides the most northern Blue Flag Beach in South Africa, Alkantstrand (meaning ‘both sides beach’), but also beautiful nature and wildlife.

This area provides cultural and historical significance as this is where Shaka build his Zulu kingdom. This traditional way of life still carries on today as Zulu villages and kraals can be viewed by the public. Here you can find Shakaland and DumaZulu.

Another attraction is Richards Bay Game Sanctuary, where water birds, crocodile and sharks can be spotted.

We were superblessed to have found a lovely self catering flat, apart from the mainstream – ‘Tussen die Maroela’s’ guesthouse.

There are many restaurants in the waterfront and while having lunch one day on the deck, we saw a school of trumpet fish swimming by…how absolutely magnificent.

Also an edible experience we had: Bethesda was told by our friend, Marnus, about the amazing “Bunny Chow” being sold at a corner shop on the pier at the waterfront and obviously we had to have this…and it did not disappoint…


...and just to show...some more work...
…and just to show…some more work…

Superblessed with work and play!  Alexia

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