My Fabulous Friends – My husband…Bethesda

Queen of Hearts                                                                         23 May 2018


Too often, especially when we have been married for such a long time, we take our spouse who is closest to us for granted…always thinking there will be more time to express gratitude  for how incredible they are…well I believe that the most precious commodity there is, is time…so with this post, I want to thank my husband for spending so much time and so much more…

We have been together for more than 23 years and I believe we make an awesome team.  He still makes me feel special, by opening the car door for me.

I am truly amazed at the ‘MAN’ with capital letters, B has become, with all the trials and tribulations that comes with a marriage. I am superblessed that he has been my mirror for learning so many of my own life lessons.

B studied at TUKS and aced a B.Com Marketing degree.

He started his journey with construction at a very young age as his father was in the construction business and B is an only child. He used to work with his dad in the school holidays for pocket money. He was also extremely inventive of ways attracting the tool we call money.

Here is a man who when we met were a mere ‘boy’…but, at a young age already impressed me so…so much so that I just had to marry him…

B has grown into the warm, mostly gentle man that I have the privilege of sharing my life with…

He is an amazing family man and a loving grandfather to our Alexia

So, what is his skills?

Well, he is equipped with a B.Com. Marketing degree from Tuks University which looks impressive on his CV. (This CV is available on request, as we are always in the market for new job opportunities.)

As B loves self education, he is always reading which makes him  knowledgeable on most  subjects.

We are always joking with each other as he has an extra large bike helmet and I have an extra small…Must be because of his big head for his big brain as he seems to remember everything he reads.  Apparently he has been doing this ever since he was a toddler.  His Mom told me that he use to read the encyclopedias and they were amazed at how he remembered the details.

We love taking road trips on his motorcycle.

B has been in the building trade all of his life learning the fundamentals of construction from his Dad.

He has never had a boss (except for me, off course…as he jokes).

Even at a young age, B have found creative ways to make money. B’s parents had a cafe when he was much younger and he would buy a box of apricots with his pocket money and sell each one putting a mark-up per fruit.  He did the same with Melrose cheese wedges…

He bought piglets, fed it with all the leftovers at home and sold it off when they were big enough.

He also made lamps from clothing pegs to sell.

The last ten years, he finds work easily as project manager, which tells me he is doing something right. His management skills is impeccable.

He is excellent with our workmen and they have been with us for years as they know he really cares about their welfare.

B has an awesome humor and loves to laugh and make others laugh. (This is how he charmed me as I was a serious businesswoman when we met…p.s: a secret for all men, we love it when you make us laugh)

With his humor, he loves to say that he works with ‘big erections’…and he actually does…

Cellphone towers are ‘big erections’, but he also loves the civil work starting from digging the foundation and the steel work.






For the last ten years we have been very blessed to be travelling here and there with the awesome jobs he takes on…

Luckily we love to travel as the job sites usually are all around the country.

He is the best driver I know (his biggest dream was to become a rally driver and probably still is).  I always feel safe as he can stay focused on the road for the longest hours. He actually has a certificate for advanced driving, which includes defensive driving and anti-hijacking.

We have been to some awesome places including Bird Island where he had to restore old buildings for Sanparks and while he was there he fixed their water problem and build a jetty with gabions and retainer work for Geurini Marine.

I was superblessed to have had a birthday spend on Bird Island.  Juan (son) were still at school and we went there together most weekends and holidays.  Juan were still mastering his driving skills at that time and I allowed him to do the driving to Port Elizabeth.  B were on the island for most part of a year.  Everything he needed had to be flown in by chopper.  We were also flown in by chopper and as we got to know the pilot, Juan were superblessed to learn how to fly the chopper.  Some awesome memories indeed…with some of the most beautiful sunsets ever…

We also spend a month in Marakele Nature Reserve where we were privileged to stay among the animals.

Another time, we spend most of a year doing contract work for Simba Chips…and yes, we had our fill of chips…

With his expertise, we were blessed to have had the know-how to build our own home which now provides us with an income.

B has build several homes in Potgietersrus, Sedgefield and recently in Rondevlei.

He is not shy to learn new skills and as he went on a log home course recently, he will also be building our new log home on our newly acquired farm. (Both which has been on our dream/wish list for the longest time.)

B has excellent communication skills and is equally equipped to work with the King or the Pauper.

PS: Oh yes, and he is easy on the eyes and makes an absolute fabulous cup of tea…my mother who is with us no more, use to love his tea more than mine and I just had to agree with her.

Every now and again he is cajoled into the odd fishing expedition and would  you believe…

…but wait, there is more…B is the ‘selfie king’…taking all our most beautiful pics…even when we are a group…

…forever upping his game…


...superblessed having B as my Fabulous Friend

and my husband…

with so much gratitude…




Sharing my life so openly is my legacy and symbol of gratitude and love.