My Fabulous Friends – Katie and Lloyd

Queen of Hearts                                                            1 June 2018

Lloyd & Katie

Two of my absolute favorite people…

Katie were born in America, but she loves where she lives now in Mosselbay –  for the last ten years…and according to her… living the dream.

Katie is a ray of sunshine, but has a serious job as the CEO of African Campus. This is a training education center.

The goal is to bring mainly foreign students from overseas to South Africa.

She works with various companies, Marine Research, a terrestrial research and a media company.

The students, mainly undergrads, come to do field training.

Obviously with marine biology, there is quite a few different directions you choose from, whether it is physiology or biology or behavioural studies etc.

It is really difficult to decide what you want to do, for example a two year’s masters program without actually knowing what that means. So when the students come over for month long periods, she usually already have between six and ten different research projects running at the same time. Each day the students do a morning activity as well as an afternoon activity and so cycle through all the different projects. By the end of the month they have had exposure and training in the data collection and the data analyses with all the projects. This helps them figure out what they love or not and so can help them with their career choice. This is how the research program works.

With the media program, one has to have a portfolio filled with photography, filming and journalism. You have to have proof that you can do it…with the month long program, students get exposure with sports and wildlife photography. Their first week and a half, would be learning video and sound skills, building their story. Then they go to a game reserve for two weeks and there they film. When they come back, they edit this until they have a three to five minute film which they can submit to possible employers, film festivals etc.

All of the various projects are conservation based.

It started with just the research, but research only takes you so far and the research aspect can be really boring…so it is good to have a wide variety of skills and different people want to learn and be taught different skills…so the idea is that no matter what your passion, if you want to be a conservationist or if you want to get involved, the various training is available. The website is and they have been stationed in Mosselbay for nine years.

Recently Katie decided to improve every aspect of her life by concentrating on her health and fitness…inspiration to all of us. She keeps challenging herself to be a better version of herself…words for all to live by…

Lloyd is always smiling and have the most positive attitude. He is all about love and laughter. His laughter is infectious…he is all heart.

Lloyd is an excellent chef and up until recently owned a restaurant in Mosselbay, which is now sold.

After this he was asked to chef on a beautiful boat.




For this, he had to get his STCW and is now available for some more of the same.







About four years ago, we were superblessed to have Lloyd chef for us in our very own kitchen which afforded him celebrity status when he were featured in celebrity newspapers.

Seems like they love their celebrity status as it happens  quite often. 




They have been married for more than a year and I felt honored indeed when they asked me to do their ceremony for them.  A stunning forest wedding.

They are a unique couple, well loved and forever sharing the love with everyone…

They have a loving support from their family. We have had the pleasure of meeting both of their parents and relatives and all of them awesome. Lloyd’s beautiful daughter is with us on this photo below.

…we are superblessed

with gratitude to have them as our friends!…


Sharing my life so openly is my legacy and symbol of gratitude and love.