My Fabulous Friends – Hanno & Felicia

Queen of Hearts                                                       13 July 2018

Hanno & Felicia

This is a truly amazing story…connection made from the heart…

We met this amazing human named Hanno in 2013 when he was dancing to his heart’s delight – in a field at an annual Origin festival – in the pouring rain.  This vision made such an impact on us and we immediately knew that we were kindred spirits for life.

Dancing together frees the soul and has brought many friends on our way.

We are so happy that our friend, Christo introduced us to Trance music in the year 2010.  Since then we have had so many beautiful memories made with amazing souls…

Who is Hanno?  If I have to sum him up and only use one word, it would be…’music’…yes absolutely the perfect word and if I could add a word…it would be ‘soul’…Hanno makes music for the soul… His favorite artist and inspiration…off course…Bob Marley!

So…obviously someone with such a talent, would have an awesome band.  This came about three years ago and is aptly named Rooted Souls.  They are absolutely amazing and love doing gigs.  They can be booked for live shows at 0728695523 or

Being an avid musician, Hanno found himself the most perfect playing partner named Koos 0765468664 and together they make music straight from the heart…

Yes, and their music is available on cd.







Hanno is very creative.

This logo on the cd is his own design. He even used to make jewellery as well.

Hanno likes building projects too and have made many a planter box as well as pieces of furniture.

Hanno and his beloved dog, Bubbles (she is nearly twelve years old and has her birthday the same day as my husband, B) has been part of The Wildfarm family for many years where he works as the manager.

Wildfarm is well worth a visit and will superbless with the most amazing views…sunrises and sunsets…a bucket-list must see.

Hanno found his perfect love match and they started dating November 2016.  Hanno were very sure of Felicia and subsequently their engagement followed in July 2017.






Together they have conceived this handsome baby boy, Nesta Kai, to add to their lovely family.






This family is very well loved, which shows in the lavish support they receive.

We were invited to their very different baby shower event  referred to as Nesta Kai’s Life Celebration

It was the first one for us where the guests were both men and women.  This was much more fun and I hope that this new trend of both Moms and Dads being together at their babies shower will catch on fast.

 …and here (pic) is that famous logo again… Hanno made this special babygrow as soon as he found out that they were having a baby boy…

They were absolutely spoiled with presents…it was such a lovely day.

Hanno and Felicia each has a loving Mom who loves being part of their lives, which affords Nesta two very happy grandma’s for loving support.

Felicia were a city girl, from Johannesburg.  She has her own recruitment company named Protea Placements, with which she is very lucky to work from a home based environment.  She recruits mainly for business developers and sales executives.  Her area of focus mostly includes the cities like Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.  At a later stage she would like to do something similar, but with focus more towards tour guides…so watch this space…

She absolutely enjoys drawing, graphic design and illustrations.  I am blown away by her skills as an artist.  She is available for orders…maybe for your parties… or any design/art work needed and would like to expand this much loved creative side of her into a business.


As I am a firm believer that we are the architect of our own life…these creative ventures is what helps us find happiness.

How absolutely phenomenal are her drawings? Wow!




















Both, Hanno and Felicia shares a passion for plants and at this stage, Felicia is working towards evolving into more of a plant medicine woman.  Her vision is to be able to help the community.  I can definitely see this happening.


This beautiful family is superblessed to have a comfortable living space at Wildfarm with stunning views overlooking Wilderness and right down to the Beach.

…we are superblessed with fabulous friends indeed…


Sharing my life so openly is my legacy and symbol of gratitude and love.