My Fabulous Friends – Deon Brink

Queen of Hearts                                                         31 July 2018


Where to start with this most positive being, such an impressive soul..

We have danced with Deon at Trance festivals and I knew from the start that this was one awesome guy…but WOW…I am amazed with this super human and I definitely would like to share his story…

As my readers know, I am of firm belief that if we can WORK our passion…meaning to design a business of that which we are most passionate about…we would create our own happiness.

This man is the perfect example of being the architect of his own life for sure…

Deon matriculated in 1999 and started working immediately at Hot Spot Cycles. The very next year he already helped with the management of the store.

Beginning of 2001 Deon decided he should probably do some studying, which irritated him for only three weeks as he says he is definitely no bookworm.  So after three weeks of frustration, he went straight back into his job at Hot Spot Cycles.  He remained in their employ for the rest of 2001 until he received a better offer from Cycling J&J.  They are wholesalers for a good few Italian products including Campagnola / Bianchi Assos, Vredenstein etc.

Deon worked for them until 2008 when he had an interview with Dragons Sports (Giant / LIV / Mavic / Suntour etc).  He worked as a rep for them in Gauteng from 2008 up until 2012.

He then saw an opportunity to grow their area and Tandem Agencies were born with a partner…Jurgens.

Presently, Tandem Agencies tends to Dragons Sports/ Stage 9 / Spoke Works / Versus socks / GU nutrition / Extreme Lights and most other cycle shops in the North of South Africa from Bloemfontein to Messina.  Well done indeed Deon and partner, Jurgens!

Being an avid sportsman, a cyclist of note for more than twenty years, he has turned his passion into a dream job…

Deon has perfectly combined his job and hobby…

He works from home and on his own time which leaves him with the opportunity to see his daughter, Zanda -Lee, who he refers to as his Princess.

We visited Deon for the first time at home and I was blown away once again by this man. His home is spotless…he is definitely a ‘cleanie’.  Everything neatly in its place, even his garage, which is also his storeroom, has a whole wall of build in cupboards for neat storage space.

Inside his well organized office is stunning, complete with décor of our trance festivals.  When he works late at night, he can listen to trance, which works well with his phenomenal, quick functioning brain.  He says: “Music is a piece of art, that goes in the ears STRAIGHT TO THE HEART”  I do agree.

And because he feels about music as he does about cycling, an idea turned into a great hobby,  Fixie explorers, were born… which are bikes being build with one fixed gear and…without brakes…yes, no jokes…no brakes…

He gathers old parts and up cycle (pun intended) these into a dream pimped cycle, named aptly a ‘fixie’. He builds around three per year in the winter time when business might be slower and it is fast becoming a trend.






Deon is also the agent for GIANT in Gauteng which keeps him real busy.  He has always been a part of riding Critical Mass, until recently when he started his own similar event, Fixie explorers.  This exciting event for professional riders as well as newbies already has a number of growing followers.

Deon’s motto that he shares with the world is to “NEVER LOSE YOUR SENSE OF WONDER”…

We joined in with so much gratitude on Sunday…Deon’s monthly cycling event and found around 25 – 30 participants excited and ready for fun.

We cruised for 12 km through the streets of Soweto, Gauteng!

We did not have any gear with us as my husband, B (in the pic above), is  working in Vaalwater at the moment and we definitely did not foresee us gallivanting through the streets of Soweto on a bicycle.

Luckily Deon has more than enough bicycles and sorted us out and will do the same for you.

We were so impressed with his expertise.  His easy and relaxed manner in which he sorted each and every one, no challenge too much.  I believe this would be the reason why the turnout for this event was astounding.




This was an extremely well guided, casual event to even include amateurs as myself.


Events like this one occurs every month…each time at a different location, very well planned by Deon himself.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, this beautiful family with their son and baby boy were an absolute example of what having fun with your children…













We also had the paparazzi with us…styling it with not only one, but three professional photographers. 

They were Brandon Hilton of Simple Sam Bicycles, Milan de Beer photography, Daniel Coetzee photography.

These three arrived with very expensive sponsored bicycles which they definitely deserved, snapping the most amazing photos in their stride.


We were told to meet at Soweto Brew Co.  Secured parking were arranged.  Deon left nothing to chance organizing every detail expertly of this lovely event.



On our cycling road trip, we stopped at the very impressive Hector Pieterson Museum for a guided talk from an experienced tour guide.  Hector Pieterson was a South African school boy who was shot and killed during the Soweto uprising when police opened fire on students protesting the enforcement of teaching in Afrikaans. A news photograph by Sam Nzima of the mortally wounded Pieterson being carried by another Soweto resident while Sam’s sister ran next to them was published around the world.  The anniversary of his death is designated Youth Day (16 June) when South Africans honor young people and bring attention to their needs.

What excitement as we went to see the inside of Orlando power station.  This decommissioned coal -fired power station served Johannesburg for over 50 years.  Even cooler (another pun intended) now as both these majestic towers are magnificently painted, one functioning as an advertising billboard and the on the other appears the largest mural painting in South Africa.

These awe-inspiring towers are now also used for bungee and base jumping.



How freeing and insightful it was to dash through the streets of Soweto…friendly folk waving and cheering us along.  Seeing and feeling the essence of this often misunderstood culture of our people.

We absolutely loved it…

Thankfully our very strong friend Alex, were riding with us as he usually has my back…(another pun most definitely intended) this time even more so, as at some point I really needed it…

I had a most stunning bicycle borrowed from Deon, but only figured out how the gears worked at the end, when we were nearly back at our meeting point…



Photo credits to Johan Brink, who is the father of our stunning friend, Deon.

Johan apparently does not miss a chance to ride out with his son at these events and why not, as he rides on the latest electric Giant Full-e bicycle.  He also has a 2016 model (left pic), which were a life changer for him.






When we arrived…quite thirsty I might add…back to our secured parking from our cycling tour, we went for a well deserved lunch at the Ubuntu Kraal beer garden, complete with the best beer tasting for only R15 we have ever had.  We could not fault any of the beers, they were all delicious and must be the reason that we stayed so much longer than anticipated.

Not only were the beer delectable, but when the food arrived, we were bowled over…

There were such a buzz of camaraderie from all the participants and new friendships were made with people from all walks of life.

We highly recommend this monthly ride out with Deon.  He is just the best!

…but wait…there is more…

As cycling is his absolute passion, he enticed us to watch the Tour de France 105th edition at his house including Alex and Johan.

Deon and Alex has been friends for more than ten years.  We were warned that we were going to have a bachelor’s braai, which meant no side dishes.  It was delicious and we felt totally spoiled.  Deon and Alex both loves cold Tequila and we braved a few!

Obviously, being the cycle enthusiast that he is, he had us in stitches, entertaining us with his excitement as we were watching the Tour de France.  He went to fetch his helmet for the grand finale…

Not only were we entertained, but I learned so much about the cyclists and this sport as Deon is highly knowledgeable of this which is his life passion!

Oh yes…and the winners…1st Geraint Thomas, 2nd Tom Domoulin (Sunweb/Giant), 3rd Chris Froome

Oh yeah ladies, best of all, Deon is single…but better be quick…being the amazing man he is, definitely not for long…

…you would be superblessed as we are indeed!…



Sharing my life so openly is my legacy and symbol of gratitude and love.