by The Naked Barista             3 September 2015


Goodbye Mazebuko and Mkamba sites…



So we arrived around dinnertime and booked in at the Umfolozi Bird Park where we would stay. A rustic feel all in all with lots of wood furniture and a lovely restaurant.

The garden is lush with an amazing variety of beautiful green trees of all sizes and even a well equiped caravan park.

There are many birds and they are being well taken care of…even an ostrich which oogled me apprehensively as I touched his muscled neck.


An array of birds including, parakeets, cockatiels, cockatoo, pappegaai and a variety of more species unknown to us, are in cages to be gawked at by (humane) humans!

I am sorry to sound not too cool with this, but it saddened both B and myself to see the caged birds and although we can see that they are well taken care of, it dampens our mood and the walk through once was totally enough for us.

There are also big fish in a pond and overall it is a very nice place indeed.

Ettiene, manager/owner even helped me find B a TLB.

Dinner is well priced and breakfast included in the price of the accommodation.

I couldn’t work much as I had very bad internet reception, but even this proved to be what I needed and the lesson yet again hit home…’to let go, and let be’…


…what happened (read more about this in Cape Vidal) was that I had the most profound awareness while doing yoga…not guided…my own and the answer to a question I have been struggling with for more than 30 years…it is also profound for me that my spirit animal guide has always been a lion and when I was doing yoga and looked up, there were the picture of the lion against the wall staring directly at me…super blessed.


Also I had time to read a book of Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler – The Art of Happiness, which I have been reading for a very long time as it is not an easy read for me…this book should be finished by the end of this trip as it is a borrowed book from our good friend in Cape Town, Bevan.

Today I saw a posting on facebook of a friend, Alle, that sums it all up…

’we are made up of water and so we need to flow like water’…


Mtubathuba has many accommodation spots as it is a stopover for many tourist attractions and well situated.

The greater St Lucia Wetlands Park is situated about 25 km away and it is about the same distance to Empangeni and a few kilometres more to Richards Bay.

In the last couple of years Mtubatuba has developed from a humble  railway siding into a strong sub-regional commercial, service, transport and administrative centre for the entire North Eastern Zululand region.

The Umfolozi Sugar Mill, part of Illovo Sugar group, is the industrial flagship of Mtubatuba.

…and another town…check!



Sharing my life so openly is my legacy and symbol of gratitude and love.