Listen to Bob…

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…Some pictures of the work that was produced by my man, Bethesda Gagiano…

IMG-20140221-WA0001He has build cellphone towers since 2008, from the foundation to the rigging.  I have been privileged to be by his side for most of these adventures.  We see so many towns around our country which make it possible for me to have travel blogs written by the Naked Barista (the name given to me by my man obviously because of how I make his coffee early mornings).


Yep, this is us working at Bundu Lodge in Witrivier.

This was an interesting project, for six months renovating old buildings on Bird Island which is part of Addo National Park just off Algoa Bay. A helicopter had to fly in all materials.  While busy with renovating of the buildings, B also reinforced the old jetty with gabions.


B loves a challenge.



A photo from the top of the top of a tower.

B manages .

…but wait, there is more…

…when we met in 1995, he was building houses with his Dad.  I had a Property Business and together we made a mean team building many houses.  In the year 2000 B had the contract to renovate Pine Lake Marine in Sedgefield.  In 2003 we purchased a stand in Sedgefield and proceeded to build our Nutec home where we still live.



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