Get into the flow and know how superblessed you are!


So…why would I write this when I am still healing from being very sick with an unknown blood virus? (at least that is the doctor’s diagnose)

I am in full belief that gratitude begets more gratitude and this might have something to do with the way in which I experienced the sunset described in my article on Pretoria.

I am so very grateful to be alive and would love to share my experience with those who want to hear…

Around March/April 2016, I noticed that I was not my usual energetic self. Actually if I ponder on these thoughts some more, it would seem that my lower energy levels started much earlier.

One Sunday we were in Gordonsbay and I was not feeling well at all.  It was quite a chilly day, but I was adamant that I needed a swim in the sea to osmose some minerals to make me feel better.

I had my long warm coat over my swimsuit on. At the waters edge, I took off my coat and meandered into the waves.  It was really cold and I was the only swimmer…

We were meeting up with our friend, Andre, for breakfast and I just wanted a quick mineral injection by taking a dip in the sea…

Well…when I stood up in the water, it felt as if I stood on a prickly pear and as I took another step, it felt even worse.  It felt like needles were pricking my feet and I quickly floated out.  I thought I might have stepped onto some sea urchins.

I didn’t have a look immediately as it was very cold and I proceeded to put my coat on eagerly, as well as my booty slippers with soft insteps.  These and the cold air made my sore feet feel much better.

We went for breakfast with Andre and only much later at our friends, Gerhard and Arina’s house, in the bath, I had a look as both my feet were really burning.

I noticed that both feet were studded with tiny little thorns…

B tried to take it out, but there were so many that I only had him take out the ones that were really irritating me…

…why am I telling this story…because this episode could actually have enhanced my illness…

As we were in Cape Town and leaving for Africa Burn soon, and I was not feeling well at all, I went to my daughters’s doctor.

The doctor send some blood away for testing and with the results all they could see is that my allergy levels were very high.  The levels should have been around 70, but were 4000??? (for the experts on blood count reading my article)

The doctor also believed that it was a blood virus, but could be made worse by a hormonal imbalance. I also showed the doctor a rash behind my ear, but he didn’t know what to make of it and he invited one of his colleagues to also have a look. They were both baffled…

So, we were supposed to leave for Africa Burn on the Thursday, but B decided that we should rather leave on the Friday so that I could have another day for recovery.  The rash were still visible.

Maryna (daughter) was upset that we were going while I was feeling unwell, but my opinion was that if you are recovering as I believed I was, it would be a speedier recovery at Afrika Burn because there is so much to take your mind off an illness.

So, Friday came and we road tripped to the Tankwa Karoo. I did not feel very well at all, but I was hoping that the excitement of the Burn would sort this out fast.

It was really lovely to be in the dessert once again. We are superblessed to have been for the 5th time.

Very early, on the first morning there, I had to go to the toilet and that means that you walk to the outskirts of the designated camp sites to a sit down toilet facing into the barren dessert.

I remember sitting down on the toilet and thinking how amazing these primitive but practical settings were…things got a bit hazy then…

…and…I opened my eyes slowly to the most beautiful sprigs of a bush…that I was lying on…

I realised as I saw the world from a different angle, that I must have fainted. I lifted my head and turned it around and I saw the most beautiful sunrise…

…so you think, this does not sound so positive at all, but…only when we are in the flow, would we realise that this was the only toilet – and there were many –  with a soft bush in front of it to fall upon…

So I got up and went for a shower, yes, there are showers in the dessert and it is even more special, as it is gifted by super special humans.

I decided to feel better I have to put on my dress with the most glitter I have, to kick this illness in the butt…so I glittered and glammed…

…but, with all the dust, the rash spread some more around my neck.  I had a runny tummy nearly every time I went to the loo and this made me feel quite weak.

We went to see a doctor who was also at AB and he said that the virus was just trying to leave the body and as the skin is the biggest organ, it was the best way out.  This made so much sense and would also explain the runny tummy.  Again I tried to feel better and have a good time…

Trauma followed when we lost our friend, Princess Dana …

The rash spread everywhere and looked like sores…I looked and felt like a leper…

B decided that it would be good for us to destress at Warmwaterbergspa on our way home.

We soaked in the warm mineral baths for three days.  Maryna (daughter) and Alexia (granddaughter) joined us.  I did not have much energy at all and it was even difficult for me to pick up Alexia.

Being in the flow, does not mean that you will not get sick. (as my photo below shows how sick I was) Being in the flow are the little positives while you are sick…

Positives like Johan and Annemarie Moller blessing me with their preciousIMG-20160508-WA0012 self made Olive leaf tea and coming to spend time with us.  My daughter and granddaughter driving from Cape Town to be with me and spoiling me while I was ill.  Friends Heinie and Chrissie Bosman also spending time with and loving us.  Friend Cornell putting down a mattress for me under the trees to lie on and friend, Willem, sitting and playing his guitar for me while I dose.  These little things are the positive blessings that surround us when we are in the flow.

I felt dreadful and when we got home, it did not get any better, only worse.  I was very red and swollen, now with water retention from the mineral baths.

On the Friday afternoon, B looked scared when he saw me and decided to take me to see our doctor.

Our doctor said that I was in trouble and we should go straight to the Mediclinic in George.  He phoned to find out which doctor was on call and told him that we were on our way and how serious it was.

We were definitely in the flow and very lucky to already be in the emergency room, as I had a massive asthma attack while the medical staff were busy checking me in.  I have not had an asthma attack in many years.

I was swollen about three times my size with water retention and the doctor said that it looked like I had first degree burns from the hot water of the spa which infected the sores on my body.

I was in hospital for two nights while it felt as if I was floating in and out FB_IMG_1467574338886of this world.  When someone spoke to me, it felt as if I had a helmet on or if I was in my very own bubble.

This went on for about a week until one evening when I put my ear down on the pillow, I heard a distinctive ‘pop’ sound and at once my head felt clear. It felt as if I had come back from another dimension.

As we are not on a medical aid, I asked to be discharged from hospital and went home on a Sunday afternoon.

Being in the flow meant that I have my strong husband that looked after and cared for me so well.  Everything and anything I needed, were provided.  We were told to see a Dermatologist for more tests and I even had a biopsy as well as more blood tests.

Around R20 000 were spend and still we have no concrete answers.

Being in the flow means that I have been a soulgrower for so long that the flow provided me with the most readable book borrowed to me from our friend Daniel, which was just about the only thing that could keep me in bed for a week.  It was the classic tale of Oliver Twist, written in the 1800’s.  I will forever be grateful as I have always wanted to read this book and to be provided with it at a time such as this, was absolutely amazing.

Being in the flow meant that I not only had a beautiful book to help me along, but I received the most melodious guitar music without lifting a hand and always at just the right timing, either when I was in the bath or early morning hours when I could not sleep.  Son, (Juan) had some friends come and stay over on their travels and Jonathan was one of them.  I believe he was an angel sent as his music could only be described as angelic.  He blessed our home and me and brought me happiness with the most beautiful sounds when I needed it most.  Gratitude…

Being in the flow also kept me fed with my son Juan being at home and B and Juan made sure we were well fed.  Another friend of ours Ru Sun were also visiting after being with us at Africa Burn.  He spend his birthday with us.  He was my constant reminder to just keep breathing and an absolute blessing to me.  Being in the flow for me means to be loved as I am.

Another friend, Ruan, came to visit and introduced me to the Moringa plant.  He gifted me with so many boxes of Moringa in pill form as well as tincture added into water.  I even had another two bottles that both gets added into bath water.  I was superblessed as I do believe that this helped energise me enough to get out of bed…

and…not a moment too soon…as…being in the flow, we were superblessed to receive work orders to Pretoria…(and we absolutely could do with a cash flow boost after our recent expenses)…

On our way to Pretoria we were blessed with the most beautiful sunset which I write more about in my article on Pretoria.

While we were working in Pretoria, we visited with our friends Camel and Aneta for a weekend.  We were superblessed by them as it was just what I needed to speed up my recovery.  We arrived on the Friday, but B had to work on Saturday morning.

I have wanted to visit an Iridologist for more than a year, but just never took the time and it was on my mind having this illness that the doctors could not really diagnose.

Being in the flow, Aneta took me to her favourite health shop.  I told her that I wanted to buy organic hair colour.  Because of the skin allergy, I would never use chemical hair dye again and I am not ready to show the grey yet.

When we arrived, she introduced me to her friend Beata Pach, who happened to be an iridologist and a very good one I might add. Beata not only checked out my eyes, but also did a live blood analysis for me and this brought a lot of new insight. (pardon the pun)

On Sunday morning, we were superblessed to go on a lovely hike.  Being in the flow, it was just the right time for me at this stage of recovery to add a bit of natural exercise.  The day was clear and the winter sun was just warm enough for it to be a perfect hiking experience.  The awesome mountains and beautiful views rewarded us with an inner peace for awhile… just before our wild ride back home in

Camel’s Subaru…(also more about this in my article on Pretoria)

I believe that ‘being in the flow’ is also the reason for me to have received so many well wishes daily from those who knew about my health.  Also from those who did not know, I received beautiful messages of gratitude for card readings  they have received from me at Africa Burn.  I usually do, but at a time that I valued it even more, it became a daily occurrence.

Being in the flow, we recently went away for a magical weekend in Magaliesburg. (more about Magaliesburg and The Cradle of Humankind in my article on Pretoria)

The fact is that

all the things

I love most,

were already there waiting for me.

Little things like the fact that I saved the three empty essential oil bottles that I used to make my perfume,  Alexia, the previous week…

I did a bottle wash with this and it provided us with the most luxurious fragrant baths for a whole weekend.

To add to this lovely fragrance which permeated our lovely space,  I also had the most amazing candle gifted to us by our friend Steve, who recently came to visit us on his return trip from Indonesia…

(P.S…I added to this post today 18 July 2018…as I have just finished a book…Muriel Barbery’s, The Elegance of the Hedgehoc…in it I found the most simplest explanation of what life is all about:  there is a lot of despair, but also the odd moment of beauty, where time is no longer the same.  ‘It’s as if those strains of music created a sort of interlude in time, something suspended, an elsewhere that had come to us, an always within never. Yes, that’s it, an always within never.’)

Superblessed with beauty in sickness and in health!


Sharing my life so openly is my legacy and symbol of gratitude and love.