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So…this is the spiritual side of things…20150820_082142

How did I get started…

I believe that everybody enters our life journey for a reason and here is the perfect example:

Around six years ago, my very good friend Norma, introduced me to her Angel Cards.  Here I have to add, that if you see Norma, the ‘judge’ inside us, would not believe that this lady could be associated with this practice.

At that point we were firm Christian believers and very prominent in our Church.  We were also course facilitators and in one of these courses we were told just how wrong it was to believe in cards or card readings…

…needless to say, I was very influenced by this…

but every time I would visit at Norma’s house and we would talk about a certain issue, Norma would bring out the cards and ask me to pick one from the pack.  Every single time it had insight and answers into what was happening in my life at the time.

I do believe that if it was anyone else, I would definitely not have been convinced to even look at such an ‘offense’, but I am eternally grateful that it was this dear friend of mine, Norma.

So, on my birthday about five years ago, B and myself were in Knysna and we were in another friend’s shop, Angie from Pure India

…It is here that B bought me my own deck of Angel Cards as a gift…

I have been superblessed ever since by being the ‘Gift’…


An ‘oracle’, in ancient times, was either a sacred place where the ancient Greeks for example would go to consult a God, or it was an actual person who acted as an ‘oracle’ or ‘seer’, with the deep and discerning  ability to offer  guidance and wisdom, sourced from the Divine. Many people including notable figures of history would go to oracles to get answers and guidance, or as a means of connecting directly to specific Gods or spirits.

Now, in modern times, we see that there are many forms of oracles. There are psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, and many other variations of people with spiritual gifts of seeing, knowing, hearing or feeling.

Oracle cards are basically a divination tool used to gain insight. They are cards with pictures, symbols and sometimes words or numbers.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of oracle cards, many of which have themes or are focused on a particular being such as angels, archangels, fairies and mermaids. Many lightworkers refer to these cards generically as ‘angel cards.’ , as they work purely with love and light. The Divine guidance that angel cards provide is always “uplifting, positive and loving. Angel messages always mention how to improve something: an outlook, one’s health, relationships, the environment, the world, and so on.”

The idea is that the card reader taps into the universal consciousness of symbolism and archetypes provided by the card’s visual imagery, as well as follow their own intuitive hunches or psychic sensations, in order to gain meaning and give messages. If the card reader has psychic ability, then they are able to tap into the person they are reading for, as well as beings in other dimensions such as angels, or loved ones in spirit (which involves ‘mediumship’).

How do Card Readings Work?

It is important to understand that angel cards are tools that offer general guidance for our personal and spiritual development. Neither the cards nor the reader predict your future as an absolute outcome as such, as you have free will to make your own choices or to change your path. Rather, the cards offer you a look at the bigger picture, as well as anything that you may need to know or have delivered to your consciousness for growth and healing to take place.

The Process

The card reader will likely call upon beings of light or their own spirit team, or that of their client. They may perform their own sacred ritual or invocation, or set a specific intention for the reading, as well as use some  clearing and protection methods. They will then use their own method of choosing cards or selecting ‘spreads’ for the client.

Oracle Cards and the Law of Attraction

Many people giving oracle cards a go for the first time worry that they’ll pick the ‘wrong card’. But that is not possible, so you don’t need to worry. The Law of Attraction is in action every time a card is drawn, resulting in the right card being picked, regardless of the method being  used.

Sometimes the same card (or different card with a similar meaning) will pop up more than once, this by no mistake. When this happens, the Law of Attraction is telling you to pay attention to the message. It is a form of validation for you to be aware and to get your attention so that you follow the guidance being given. Messages and signs will be repeated until you take notice and more importantly, take whatever physical / mental / emotional / spiritual action the card is trying to convey. It is like being given a clue, or a key. It is up to you to turn the lock, release any fears, and take that
next step, by being aware and opening any doors that come to you.

My first readings

I remember that I did my very first reading for one of my besties, Joe, as I was very unsure of myself and the outcome…thus, a safe first card reading.

Wow! That first reading was an unexpected confidence booster as we were both blown away by the clarity about the challenges that he was dealing with at the time.  Joe wrote everything down and even photocopied the cards. We were both superblessed!

Just after this first card reading, B and I travelled to Coffee Bay and the cards went with.

Another friend, Cindy, was experiencing a challenge and I told her about the cards.  She had such a good experience, that she told a friend, who also came for a reading…who told a friend…who told a friend…

We were in Coffee Bay for a week and stayed at The Coffee Shack where Cindy was employed at that time. I did nine card readings for foreigners from all walks of life and…all of them amazing.  It has been years and some of them still contact me.

I believe that this was the ‘unwrapping’ of my spiritual “gift” – definitely late in life -but better late than never.  As I know now, everything that should come to us, comes to us in divine timing…

I have had the privilege of many a card reading since and I thank each and every one who shared it with me. Every time I have a return client – even if a year have passed – when I sit down with them, it is truly amazing to have the ‘gift’ to remember the details from their previous reading and to see the beautiful growth that has taken place…again gratitude for such an honour.

This is why I call myself a “Soulgrower” when I am asked the question “What do you do?”

I have taught my children over the years that they should never just ‘get a job’ as I was taught – they should focus on that which gives them goosebumps – in other words something that they are passionate about…

Well, this is it for me…I am passionate about ‘souls’ and love to see the growth of a soul…            Alexia

…channeling through the medium of cards is a super blessing…

So…why don’t you give an Angel Card reading a go…



I do believe that you will be superblessed if you do!




Sharing my life so openly is my legacy and symbol of gratitude and love.